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About This Book

This book is an introduction to accessing and running a Caché system. Managing Caché is easy; whether running on a single PC or on a system of thousands of users, most of the information you need to get the system running is contained in this document.

Caché is available on a number of different operating systems. Certain administrative procedures and tasks may differ according to platform. Where this is the case, this document describes these differences. On all supported operating system-web server combinations, Caché provides the browser-based application to manage and administer your Caché system. You can also use the portal from a remote web server.

On Microsoft Windows systems, Caché also provides a set of graphical user interface (GUI) system utilities (available from either the Caché Cube in the Windows system tray or from the Caché submenu of the Windows Programs menu). These graphical utilities are client/server applications that can talk to the local Caché system or a remote Caché server regardless of platform. In addition, Caché provides a set of analogous, text-based utilities that can be invoked from the Terminal or used to manage a remote system using Telnet.

This book introduces the following topics:

For detailed information, see the Table of Contents.

For general information, see Using InterSystems Documentation.

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