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Lowers MultiValue dynamic array delimiters to next level.
dynarray Any valid MultiValue dynamic array.
The $MVLOWER function returns a MultiValue dynamic array with its delimiters converted to the next lower-level delimiters. For example, @VM value mark delimiters become @SM subvalue mark delimiters. When a delimiter cannot be lowered any further, it is returned unchanged.
The available levels, in descending order, are: @IM (CHAR(255)); @FM (CHAR(254)); @VM (CHAR(253)); @SM (CHAR(252)); @TM (CHAR(251)); and CHAR(250).
The ObjectScript $MVLOWER function corresponds to the Cache MultiValue Basic LOWER function. The $MVRAISE function performs the opposite operation, raising the level of dynamic array delimiters to the next higher level.
The following example uses the $MVLOWER function to convert dynamic array delimiters to the next lower level. It then uses the $MVRAISE function to reverse this operation:
  SET numvm="123"_$CHAR(253)_"456"_$CHAR(253)_"789"
  ZZDUMP numvm       /* Returns 123v456v789 */
  SET numlower=$MVLOWER(numvm)
  ZZDUMP numlower    /* Returns 123s456s789 */
  SET numraise=$MVRAISE(numlower)
  ZZDUMP numraise    /* Returns 123v456v789 */
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