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$MVV(n) Special Variables by Number

Caché special variables corresponding to MultiValue system variables.




$MVV(n) is an array of Caché MultiValue special variables. The n subscript can be an integer in the range of 0 through 255, inclusive, or a variable set to one of those integer values. Each subscripted $MVV variable has a defined data type and contains a default value. All $MVV variables can be set using the SET command.

Many $MVV variables correspond to Caché MultiValue Basic system variables. For definitions of these MVBasic system variables, refer to System Variables in the Caché MultiValue Basic Reference.

The following are the data types of the $MVV variables:

Subscript Range Data Type
0 through 15 Single-character data
16 through 127 String data
128 through 193 Integer data
194 through 255 Boolean data

The following are the MultiValue system variable assignments and default values for the $MVV variables:

Subscript Range Default Value
0 through 7 Dynamic array delimiter characters with ASCII values 248 through 255: 0=@IM ($CHAR(255)), 1=@FM/@AM ($CHAR(254)), 2=@VM ($CHAR(253)), 3=@SM/@SVM ($CHAR(252)), 4=@TM ($CHAR(251)), 5=$CHAR(250), 6=$CHAR(249), 7=$CHAR(248).
8 through 14 Empty string
15 Question mark (?) character
16 through 37 Empty string. 16=@ID, 17=@RECORD, 19=MVBasic device, 22=@FILENAME, 23=@COMMAND/@SENTENCE, 25=footer, 35=@STDFIL, 36=@SYSTEM.RETURN.CODE.
38 through 41 Components of the current date, as integers: 38=@DAY, 39=@MONTH, 40=@YEAR (2-digit year), 41=@YEAR4.
42 through 84 Empty string. 42=@TTY, 44=@ANS, 46= SQL error message during index operations, 51=spooler print job list, 62=proc pib, 63=proc sib, 64=proc pob, 65=proc sob, 66=errors, 67=proc errors, 70= proc name, 71=options, 84=@PARASENTENCE.
85 Question mark (?) character
86 through 127 Empty string. 88=@DICT, 95=@CONV, 96=@FORMAT, 97=@HEADER
128 MVBasic status. On failed lock operation, contains the pid of the lock owner.
129 through 131 The integer 0.
132 The integer 10
133 through 135 The integer 0. 133=@LEVEL
136 136=@DATE. The date when the current process started, in internal $HOROLOG format. An integer count of days since January 1, 1841.
137 137=@TIME. The time when the current process started, in internal $HOROLOG format. An integer count of seconds since midnight.
138 through 147 The integer 0. 145=@SELECTED
148 The integer 4
149 through 255 The integer/boolean value 0. 156=@NB, 157=@ND, 158=@NI, 159=@NV, 160=@NS. 169=SQL error code during index operations. 174=COMMON unique node subscript ID. 176=MVBasic lockport; on failed lock operation, contains the pid of the lock owner. 210=CMQL generated a Select List. 213=STACKCOMMON on/off. 218=%SYSTEM.MV.InputDataOnly() method setting.

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