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This is documentation for Caché & Ensemble. See the InterSystems IRIS version of this content.

For information on migrating to InterSystems IRIS, see Why Migrate to InterSystems IRIS?


Ensures that the server and client cache are in sync.


[SQL]    ECPSync=n


The value n may be 1 or 0:

  • When 1 (true): when an SQL Select statement is executed, forces all pending ECP requests to the DB-server. On completion it guarantees that the client cache is in sync.

  • When 0 (false): Does not guarantee that the client cache is in sync. Default.



Range of Values

0 or 1. The default is 0.

Management Portal

On the page System Administration > Configuration > SQL and Object Settings > General SQL Settings, for the SQL SELECT Synchronizes ECP Cache setting, choose Yes (true) or No (false).