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This is documentation for Caché & Ensemble. See the InterSystems IRIS version of this content.

For information on migrating to InterSystems IRIS, see Why Migrate to InterSystems IRIS?


This topic describes the parameters found in the [SQL] section of the CPF file.

  • AllowRowIDUpdate – Enable/disable SQL row ID update.
  • ANSIPrecedence – Enable/disable ANSI SQL operator precedence system-wide.
  • BiasQueriesAsOutlier – Enable/disable query optimization biased toward outliers.
  • Comment – Enable/disable retaining embedded SQL statements as comments in source code.
  • DBMSSecurity – Enable/disable SQL security.
  • DDLDefineBitmapExtent – Determines whether a table created by a DDL statement defines a bitmap extent index.
  • DDLFinal – Determines whether a class created by a DDL statement is final.
  • DDLNo201 – Suppress/return error upon CREATE of a previously existing table.
  • DDLNo30 – Suppress/return error upon DROP of a nonexistent table.
  • DDLNo307 – Suppress/return error upon CREATE of a primary key constraint when one exists.
  • DDLNo311 – Suppress/return error upon ADD a foreign key, when a key of that name already exists.
  • DDLNo315 – Suppress/return error upon DROP of a nonexistent constraint.
  • DDLNo324 – Suppress/return error upon CREATE of a previously existing index.
  • DDLNo333 – Suppress/return error upon DROP of a nonexistent index.
  • DDLSQLOnlyCompile – Enable/disable an SQL-only compile.
  • DDLUseSequence – Determines which function a table created by a DDL statement uses for ID assignment.
  • DefaultSchema – Default SQL schema name.
  • DelimitedIds – Enable/disable interpreting double-quoted strings as delimited identifiers.
  • DropDelete – DROP TABLE behavior.
  • ECPSync – Ensures that the server and client cache are in sync.
  • ExtrinsicFunctions – Enable/disable extrinsic functions in SQL statements.
  • FastDistinct – Enable/disable SQL DISTINCT optimization.
  • IdKey – Primary key constraint behavior.
  • IdTrxFrom – The “From” list of characters for Identifier Translation.
  • IdTrxTo – The “To” list of characters for Identifier Translation.
  • JavaClassPath – List of additional .jar files to load when the JDBC service is started.
  • JavaHome – Specifies the Java version to use with the JDBC Gateway.
  • JDBCGatewayAddress – Address of JDBC Gateway.
  • JDBCGatewayJVMArgs – Optional JVM arguments to use when starting the JDBC Gateway.
  • JDBCGatewayLog – Name of the JDBC Gateway log file.
  • JDBCGatewayPort – Port number for the JDBC Gateway.
  • JDBCGatewayUsePassphrase – Enable/disable the passphrase requirement for JDBC connections.
  • LockThreshold – SQL lock threshold.
  • LockTimeout – SQL lock timeout.
  • ODBCVarcharMaxlen – Define the MaxLen for ODBC fields of type VarChar.
  • QueryProcedures – Defines whether all class queries project as SQL Stored Procedures.
  • ReferentialChecks – Enable/disable validating the foreign key constraint.
  • SaveMAC – Enable/disable saving the source code for cached query routines.
  • TCPKeepAlive – (Windows and Linux) Number of seconds between keep-alive messages.
  • TimePrecision – Default time precision for SQL scalar time functions.
  • TODATEDefaultFormat – Default date format for the SQL TO_DATE() function.