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Define shadow servers.


[Shadows]    name=Address,Enabled,JournalDirectory,DaysBeforePurge,SSLConfig,FilterRoutine,MaxErrors


Each entry consists of a shadow server has seven comma-separated properties. (Note that shadow names cannot contain the tilde (~) character.) From left to right:

  • Address — Combined IP address and port in the form address|port.

  • Enabled — Starts (1) a defined shadow server or does not start the shadow server (0). The default is to not start (0).

  • JournalDirectory — Full path name of the journal file directory. The default is the shadow subdirectory of the manager directory

  • DaysBeforePurge — Number of days to keep the shadow copies of the source journal files. Default is 0. By default, the Caché destination purges its copy of a journal file as soon as it finishes dejournaling as long as it does not contain open transactions. Enter a value in this field to keep the shadow copies of the journal files on the destination longer.

  • SSLConfig — Name an existing client configuration. Default is blank to not use SSL for the shadow connection.

  • FilterRoutine — Name (omit the leading ^) of an optional filter routine the shadow uses to filter journal records before dejournaling them on the shadow. The routine should be in the %SYS namespace.

  • MaxErrors — Number of shadowing errors from 0 to 200 which Caché should retain. The default is 10

  • DisableJournalUpdates=n If 1, updates that the shadow applies to the shadow databases are not journaled, regardless of the journal settings on the databases. If 0, shadow updates are journaled. Default is 0.

For more information about defining and managing shadow servers, see the chapter Shadowing in the Caché Data Integrity Guide. For configuring shadows using APIs, see documentation for the %SYS.SYS.Shadowing.Shadow class.


The shadow is named SHADOW1 at the shown address and port. The shadow is running. The rest of the properties are left as the default values.


The same shadow as the first example, but not running.


With DaysBeforePurge set to 4:


Range of Values

As shown above for each property

Management Portal

On the page System Administration > Configuration > Connectivity > Shadow Server Settings, select Add New Shadow.

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