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Delimits an ELSEIF block.


<CSP:IF>...<CSP:ELSEIF CONDITION='%response.Data("TEST")=1'>...</CSP:IF>


General Attributes

Attribute Description Value
CONDITION A runtime server-side expression to be evaluated. A server-side expression..


The CSP:ELSEIF tag, placed within a CSP:IF block, specifies that the text between it and the end of the CSP:IF (or the next CSP:ELSEIF or CSP:ELSE) are displayed if the CSP:ELSEIF CONDITION evaluates to TRUE at runtime.

For example:

  <CSP:IF CONDITION=(name="Jack")>
    Hello, Jack!
  <CSP:ELSEIF CONDITION=(name="Jill")>
    Hello, Jill!
    Hello, someone who is not Jack or Jill!

Refer to the CSP:IF tag for more details.

Specifying Script Language

The CSP:ELSEIF tag will fire one of two rules depending on whether the language is set to cache or basic; these two rules are %ELSEIF and %ELSEIFBASIC.

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