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Specifies the values of this field are represented in memory in SQL and stored on disk. Applies only to list properties in persistent classes. For use only by legacy applications.


Property Name As List Of Classname [ SqlListType = sqllisttype ]; 

Where sqllisttype is one of the following:

  • LIST — the list is stored in $List() format in memory and on disk. This is the default.

  • DELIMITED — the list is stored as a delimited string in memory and on disk. The delimiter is specified by SqlListDelimiter keyword.

  • SUBNODE — the list is stored in subnodes on disk; that is, each list element in a separate global node. The in-memory value of the field is $List format if SqlListDelimiter is not specified. If SqlListDelimiter is specified, the in-memory format is a delimited string.


SqlListType controls how the values of a field are represented in memory in SQL, and how they stored on disk.

This keyword is provided to support legacy applications.


The default is LIST.

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