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Property Keywords

This reference describes the keywords that apply to a property, which you can define in object classes. These keywords (also known as class attributes) generally affect the compiler.

For general information on property definitions, see “Property Definitions.”

  • Aliases – Specifies additional names for this property for use via object access.
  • Calculated – Specifies that this property has no in-memory storage allocated for it when the object containing it is instantiated.
  • Cardinality – Specifies the cardinality of this relationship property. Required for relationship properties. Not used for other properties.
  • ClientName – Specifies an alias used by client projections of this property.
  • Collection – Deprecated means of specifying the collection type of a collection property. Do not use.
  • Deprecated – Specifies that this property is deprecated. This keyword is ignored by the class compiler and by Studio, but is used by Atelier.
  • Final – Specifies whether this property is final (cannot be overridden in subclasses).
  • Identity – Specifies whether this property corresponds to the identity column in the corresponding SQL table. Applies to persistent classes.
  • InitialExpression – Specifies an initial value for this property.
  • Internal – Specifies whether this property definition is internal (not displayed in the class documentation). .
  • Inverse – Specifies the inverse side of this relationship. Required for relationship properties. Not used for other properties.
  • MultiDimensional – Specifies that this property has the characteristics of a multidimensional array.
  • OnDelete – Specifies the action to take in the current table when a related object is deleted. This keyword applies only to a relationship property that specifies Cardinality as Parent or One. Its use is invalid in all other contexts.
  • Private – Specifies whether the property is private (can be used only by methods of this class or its subclasses).
  • ReadOnly – Specifies that a property is read-only, which limits the number of ways its value can be set.
  • Required – For a persistent class, specifies that the property’s value must be given a value before it can be stored to disk. For an XML-enabled class, specifies that the element to which the property is mapped is required.
  • ServerOnly – Specifies whether this property is projected to a Java or C++ client.
  • SqlColumnNumber – Specifies the SQL column number for this property. Applies only to persistent classes.
  • SqlComputeCode – Specifies code that sets the value of this property.
  • SqlComputed – Specifies whether that this is a computed property.
  • SqlComputeOnChange – This keyword controls when the property is recomputed. Applies only to triggered computed properties.
  • SqlFieldName – Specifies the field name to use in the SQL projection. Applies to persistent classes.
  • SqlListDelimiter – Specifies the delimiter character used within SQL for lists. Applies to list properties in persistent classes. For use only by legacy applications.
  • SqlListType – Specifies the values of this field are represented in memory in SQL and stored on disk. Applies only to list properties in persistent classes. For use only by legacy applications.
  • Transient – Specifies whether the property is stored in the database. Applies only to persistent classes.
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