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Resets active select lists.


CLEARSELECT [selectlist]



selectlist Optional — An identifier assigned to an active select list, specified as an integer from 0 through 10 (inclusive), or a named select list variable. If omitted, select list 0 is cleared.


The CLEARSELECT statement resets an active select list. It has three syntactical forms:

  • CLEARSELECT selectlist resets the specified select list.

  • CLEARSELECT resets select list 0.

  • CLEARSELECT ALL resets all active numbered select lists. It has no effect on named select lists.


By default, SELECT uses select list 0 as the default select list for both internal and external use. Reality, D3, R83, POWER95, MVBase, and IN2 systems use two distinct default select lists, one internal and one external. This behavior can be set using $OPTIONS PICK.SELECT. When this option is set, the default external select list is 0, and the default internal select list is 10.

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