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Interrupts program execution to enter debug mode.






The DEBUG statement interrupts program execution by issuing a break to another stack level and issues a prompt. From this point you can issue debug commands, including returning to the execution of the interrupted program.

By default, a command issued at the debug prompt is an ObjectScript command. To issue a Caché MVBasic statement at the debug prompt, you must prefix a semicolon to the command. This is shown in the following terminal example:


Source Id: File: Line:0
USER 7d1>WRITE "my variable=",myvar
my variable=ABC
USER 7d1>;CRT "my variable",myvar
my variable     ABC
USER 7d1>

The ;/ Statement

At the debug prompt, you can use the ;/ statement to display the contents of a variable. The variable may be subscripted. The syntax is as follows:


The ;/ statement returns varname=value. It can be used to display the value of a local variable, an array dimensioned with DIM, a variable defined using EQUATE, or a variable defined in a COMMON statement.

The ;/ statement can return COMMON variables that are defined in different accounts (namespaces).

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