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Suppresses all screen display.


HUSH [ON | OFF | flag] [SETTING var]


flag Optional — An expression that evaluates to a boolean value. 0=disable hushing. 1 (or any non-zero number)=enable hushing. The same boolean values can be supplied using the ON or OFF keyword.
SETTING var Optional — A variable that HUSH sets to the hush state (0 or 1) prior to invoking the command. This clause is useful for restoring the prior HUSH state setting.


The HUSH statement is used to enable or disable all output display to the screen. It can be executed using the ON or OFF keyword, or by using a boolean flag value. HUSH with no arguments toggles the current hush state.

When HUSH is ON, all screen output is disabled, both user input and program output, including display of the programmer prompt. This distinguishes it from the ECHO statement, which only disables the display of user input.

The HUSH statement does not disable display of output from the OUT statement.

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