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When called by a procedure, writes to the input buffer.




data Name of a variable used to contain data to be written to the input buffer.


The PROCWRITE statement writes the contents of data to a PROC using the primary input buffer. The MVBasic program must have been called by a procedure for PROCWRITE to execute successfully.

Following the write operation, PROCWRITE resets the primary input buffer pointer so that it points to the beginning of the data in the buffer.

For a PQ PROC, PROCWRITE converts each blank space in data to an @AM delimiter, reversing the PROCREAD operation. PROCWRITE converts each elements that consists of a backslash (\) to an empty element, reversing the PROCREAD operation. Because of this backslash conversion, a backslash literal transferred by PROCREAD will be transferred back by PROCWRITE as an empty element. For this reason, backslashes in the input buffer should be avoided. This PROCWRITE conversion only applies to backslashes that represent empty elements (a backslash delimited by blank spaces). If a backslash is appended to other characters, PROCWRITE treats it as a quote delimiter.

When writing to a PQN PROC, PROCWRITE does not perform these character conversions.


In Ultimate emulation, PROCWRITE converts all attribute marks (@AM) to blank spaces.

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