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Suspends processing for a specified duration.


RQM [seconds]
RQM time


seconds Optional — An integer count of seconds. If omitted, execution is suspended for 1 second.
time A wakeup time, specified in 24-hour format as hh:mm[:ss], or in 12-hour format as hh:mm[:ss]AM or hh:mm[:ss]PM.


The RQM statement has two formats. You can either specify the number of seconds to suspend program execution, or specify the time at which to resume execution. If you specify RQM with no argument, it suspends program execution for one second. You can specify seconds as an integer or a fraction. If seconds is a decimal number, it is rounded to the nearest whole second.

You can specify time in either 24-hour or 12-hour format. A 24-hour time is specified as hh:mm[:ss]. A 12-hour time is specified as hh:mm[:ss]{AM | PM}. In both formats, spaces are not permitted, leading zeros may be omitted, and the seconds component of the time is optional. The following are all valid 24-hour format time values: 02:34, 2:34:00, 14:34, 14:34:00. The following are all valid 12-hour format time values: 2:34PM, 02:34PM, 2:34:00PM. 2:34AM. Midnight can be represented by 24:00, 00:00, 12:00PM, 00:00PM, or 00:00AM. An invalid time argument generates a syntax error.

RQM is a synonym for SLEEP.

You can use NAP to suspend program execution for a specified number of milliseconds.

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