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Copies select list 0 to a named select list.


SELECTE TO varname


varname A named select list, specified as a variable name.


The SELECTE statement copies Select List 0 to a select list named varname. You can then use READNEXT to read this select list, one field identifier at a time.

Select List 0 is the default select list created by a SELECT or SELECTN statement.


SELECTE enables you to copy Select List 0 to a named select list. You can create a named select list directly by using SELECTV.


The following example illustrates the use of the SELECTE statement. Here SELECT copies all of the field mark identifiers into Select List 0. Then SELECTE copies Select List 0 to a select list named rfields. Each iteration of READNEXT reads the next field mark identifier from Select List rfields into the area variable:

SELECT regions TO 0 ON ERROR PRINT "Select failed"
SELECTE TO rfields
FOR x=1 TO 5
  READNEXT area FROM rfields
  PRINT area

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