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Adds a string to the output buffer.


H  text [< | <<]


text A string to append to the contents of the active output buffer. text can be specified as a string literal, or as a reference to a buffer or a select list that contains the string literal. A reference must begin with a %, !, &, or # character, followed by a number (%2), or followed by another of the four reference characters (%%). Otherwise, it is treated as a string literal. No string delimiters are required for a string literal.


The H PROC command writes a field from a string to the active output buffer. H divides a string into fields, using the blank space as the field delimiter. However, blank spaces within a quoted substring are not treated as a field delimiter. The H command the resets the output buffer pointer to the end of the buffer contents.

The < character outputs a carriage return character if the secondary output buffer is active.

Commonly, the space between the command name and the text is omitted, as shown in the following example which writes an MVBasic SSELECT statement into the output buffer:



In Caché and UniVerse, << is ignored. In other MultiValue emulations, it outputs a < and a newline character.

See Also

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