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Common Errors

Every so often, you will make a mistake, and Caché will display an error message. You can find detailed information about all error messages in the Caché documentation. Below you'll see examples of three common errors you'll encounter:

  • <NOROUTINE> for trying to run routines that don't exist.

  • <NOLINE> for trying to call subroutines that don't exist.

  • <PARAMETER> for not passing correct number of parameters.

SAMPLES>do Run^BASRightTri()

D Run^BASRightTri()
SAMPLES>do RAN^BASRightTriangle()

D RAN^BASRightTriangle()
SAMPLES>do Run^BASRightTriangle(4)

Sub Run()
SAMPLES 2d0>Quit


The third error above occurs during execution of the BASRightTriangle routine. This terminates the execution of your routine. You will see the error message, along with the line (label name plus any offset) containing the error, in the Terminal window. In addition, the SAMPLES> prompt will change to something like this: SAMPLES 2d0>. Use the ObjectScript Quit command to return the prompt to its normal state.

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