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Components and Resources

The CMP includes the following components located in subdirectories of <cache-install-dir>\dev\dotnet\bin.

  • CacheNetWizard.exe — A graphical utility that connects to Caché and generates the .NET proxy classes (source files or compiled assemblies) based on Caché classes defined in the Caché Class Dictionary. These proxy classes provide a fully object-oriented interface to your Caché data.CacheNetWizard can be executed “stand-alone” or it can be embedded into the Visual Studio “External Tools” menu.

    • Located in <cache-install-dir>\dev\dotnet\bin\v2.0.50727

  • dotnet_generator.exe — A command line utility that connects to Caché and generates .NET proxy classes.

    • Located in <cache-install-dir>\dev\dotnet\bin\v2.0.50727

  • InterSystems.Data.CacheClient.dll — The .NET assembly that implements both the object and relational interfaces of the Caché Managed Provider.

    • .NET 2.0 version located in <cache-install-dir>\dev\dotnet\bin\v2.0.50727

    • .NET 3.0 version located in <cache-install-dir>\dev\dotnet\bin\v3.0

    • .NET 4.0 version <cache-install-dir>\dev\dotnet\bin\v4.0.30319

  • InterSystems.Data.CacheClientCF.dll — The Compact Framework version of the Caché Managed Provider for use with Windows CE devices.

    • Located in <cache-install-dir>\dev\dotnet\bin\v2.0.50727

The CMP also uses the following Caché components:

  • The Caché Object Server — A high performance server process that manages communication between .NET clients and Caché objects on the Caché database server. It communicates using TCP/IP and can execute on any platform supported by Caché. All Caché language bindings: .NET, Java, C++, Perl, Python, JDBC, and ODBC use the Caché Object Server.

The following resources are available to help you use the CMP:


In a standard Windows installation, <cache-install-dir> is c:\InterSystems\Cache.

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