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Installing Caché Classes and Populating the Database

Complete the following steps to use Studio to install Contact and PhoneNumber into a Caché namespace:

  1. Open Studio. Click File —> Change Namespace to connect to the namespace in which you will be working. The USER namespace is a good choice.

  2. Click Tools —> Import Local.

  3. Browse to the directory containing Contacts.xml. Click on Contacts.xml. Click Open and then OK to load and compile the classes.

After the classes are installed and compiled, use the Terminal to populate the database with sample instances of the classes. All classes have been configured for use with the population utility. Here are the steps to follow:

  1. Open the Terminal in the namespace in which you installed the Caché classes. If terminal opens in a different namespace, use the ZN command to switch to the correct namespace.

  2. Execute the Fill method of Provider.Utilities. This method clears all existing Provider.Contact and Provider.PhoneNumber instances from the namespace and then adds 25 Provider.Contact and 100 Provider.PhoneNumber instances.

USER> do ##class(Provider.Utilities).Fill()


To learn how to create a new Caché namespace, read the discussion of “Configuring Namespaces” in the Configuring Caché section of the Caché System Administration Guide.

To learn more about using Studio, read Using Studio.

To learn more about using the Terminal, read Using the Terminal.

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