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Caché Managed Provider: Object Interface

Part II of this tutorial focuses on using the object interface to the Caché Managed Provider.

After completing this part of the tutorial, you will be able to:

  • Describe several important classes and methods of the CMP's object interface.

  • Create new Caché objects and save them to the database using their .NET proxies.

  • Open and update existing Caché objects and save them back to the database using their .NET proxies.

  • Manipulate Caché collections, including relationships, using their .NET proxies.

The tutorial includes a project. This project consists of a set of instructions and exercises that guide you through the creation of a .NET– Caché application. To assist with this project, the tutorial includes a skeleton solution that you can use to complete the instructions and exercises. The tutorial also provides a complete solution that you can install and execute. For instructions on locating and configuring these files, see the Note below.


Read Example and Exercise Files for the location of the tutorial files and instructions for installing and executing them.


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