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Routine Line Syntax

We've already talked about the syntax of an ObjectScript line containing one or more commands. When writing a routine, however, there are a couple of additional considerations. A line in a routine can have a label at the beginning (also called a tag), ObjectScript code, and a comment at the end; but all of these elements are optional.

If a line has a label, you must separate it from the rest of the line with a tab. This means that as you add lines to your routine using Studio, you either type a label and a tab, followed by ObjectScript code, or you skip the label and type a tab, followed by ObjectScript. So in either case, every line must have a tab before the first command. If the line only contains comments, there must be a tab before the comment.

Studio also allows you to type a space instead of a tab before the first command. If you use a space, the commands and comment-only lines won't line up like they do in the example below when first entered.

hello ; hello world routine
    write !, "hello world"
    write !, "bye"
end quit  ; end
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