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Routine Line Syntax, continued

If a line of code also contains a comment, you must separate it from the rest of the line with at least one space, followed by the comment.

Use “;” or “//” to denote a comment. For a multi-line comment, mark the beginning of the comment with “/*” and the end with “*/”.

The very first line of the routine should have a label matching the name of the routine, followed by a tab, followed by a short comment explaining the purpose of the routine.

As mentioned earlier, there can be line breaks in ObjectScript code nearly anywhere. Exceptions: you can't split the line between a command and its arguments, nor within a single-line comment.

By default, Studio shows labels in red, ObjectScript in blue, and comments in green (see example). It flags syntax errors with a red mark at the far left of the line, and a red line under the part of the line causing the problem.

hello ; hello world routine
    write !, "hello world"
    write !, "bye"
end quit  ; end
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