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Sample CSP Page

Complete the following steps to use the Studio CSP Wizard to create a CSP page named MySamplePage.CSP. Throughout the remainder of Part I of this tutorial, you will use MySamplePage.CSP to try out a variety of CSP elements and features.

  1. Open Studio in the USER namespace. If Studio does not open in USER, then click File —> Change Namespace to connect to USER.

  2. On the Studio menu bar, click File —> New.

  3. Click the CSP File category on the New wizard.

  4. Double click the Caché Server Page icon. Studio displays a new CSP mark-up page. The page contains the basic structure of an HTML page including <html></html>, <head></head>, and <body></body> tags.

  5. Add some text and an HTML formatting tag between the <body></body> tags currently in the page. The Wizard automatically places the text "My Page Body" here. Delete this text so that it does not appear in the output.

    <h1>First CSP Page!</h1>
  6. To save and name the file click File —> Save As. Name the file MySamplePage.CSP. Be sure to save the file in CSP/USER. This is the default, if Studio is connected to the USER namespace.

  7. Click View —> Web Page to view MySamplePage.CSP in a Web browser.

generated description: firstcsppage20142


The CSP Compiler places all text and HTML between the <body></body> tags in the CSP mark-up page into Write statements in the onPageBody method of the corresponding CSP page class.

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