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The %CSP.RequestOpens in a new tab class supports a number of properties and methods. Here are descriptions of a few of them:

%Request Properties and Methods
Property or Method Description

The URL of the request. Does not contain the query string.


An array containing the name-value pairs in the URL query string. If more than one value is associated with a given name, the values are subscripted starting with index 1.

  • Retrieve the value associated with param using %request.Data(param,1)

Note that you can use the Caché Object Script $Data function to determine whether or not a value has been assigned to a particular name. Use $Get in the event that a value might not be assigned to a particular value. $Get returns a null string “” if the parameter is not defined.


An array of strings containing the cookie values associated with the request.


Returns the number of values associated with a given name in Data.

GetCookie Returns the specified cookie.

For more information on %CSP.RequestOpens in a new tab, read the Caché class documentation as well as the discussion of “The %CSP.Request Object” in the HTTP Requests section of Using Caché Server Pages.

For more information on using Cookies, read the “Storing Data in Cookies” in the Session Management section of Using Caché Server Pages.

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