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Adding and Configuring the Business Operation

In this step we will add and configure a Business Operation, TutorialFileOperation. This component is a pre-built HL7 component for writing HL7 data to files.

To begin, click the generated description: addcomponent 20141 button next to Operations to bring up the Business Operation Wizard. Then click the HL7 Output tab.

Enter the following configuration details:

  • HL7 Output: File

  • HL7 Operation Name: TutorialFileOperation

  • Enable Now: selected

  • File Path: C:\Tutorial\Out (Note this directory needs to exist. The operation will not create it.)

  • Filename: %f_%Q.txt (See Note below for details about %f and %Q)

generated description: create7 20141

Click OK

Verify that the new component is in the production.

generated description: create7 1 20142


The %f flag in the Filename setting adds the name of the original file (picked up by the service) to the name of the output file. %Q adds a timestamp. You can read more about available flags for input and output file names in the Time Stamp Specifications for Filenames section of Configuring Ensemble Productions.

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