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Configuring the Message Router's First Routing Rule

Before we test, we have to direct the messages from the Message Router to the newly created Business Operation. Add a business rule that does this by performing the following steps:

  1. Click TutorialFileService_Router on the configuration diagram, then, under Basic Settings, click the magnifying glass next to BusinessRuleName Tutorial.TutorialFileServiceRoutingRule. This should bring up the Rule Editor.

    generated description: create8 20141

  2. The Rule Set currently has one rule. Click the rule box.

    generated description: create9 20152

  3. Click + at the top of the page, then click when to add a when action.

    generated description: create9 1 20152

  4. Click the condition oval for the when action and fill in the number 1. This indicates that we would like to match this case every time, though often a when condition restricts to a subset of messages.

  5. Click the when oval, then + at the top of the page, then click send to add a send action.

    generated description: create10 20152

  6. Double click the target label to specify where to send messages. Select Tutorial.HL7Production from the drop-down, then select TutorialFileOperation and click OK.

    generated description: create11

  7. Make sure to click Save after the rule is added to the Rule List. If you do not, you will lose your changes to the Rule page.

    generated description: create12 20152


A later section of the tutorial, Message Routers, covers Message Routing Processes and Routing Rules in more detail. See also Configuring the Production in Ensemble HL7 Version 2 Development Guide.

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