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Demonstration: Testing the New Configuration

Test the new rule with ADT_A01_TutorialSchema.txt, which can be found in <ensemblesys>\Dev\tutorials\hl7messagerouting where <ensemblesys> is the directory where Ensemble is installed.

First, start the production and then place ADT_A01_TutorialSchema.txt in C:\Tutorial\In, or whichever directory you have configured TutorialFileService to scan for input. The file should disappear in at most a few seconds.

Next, use the Message Viewer to find the trace for the session. If you do not know how to use the Message Viewer, follow the instructions beginning here.

Examine the message sent from TutorialFileService_Router. It has been transformed and the ZWG segment added. It looks like the following:

generated description: customschemas16


If you are using a version of the Tutorial.TutorialProduction that you created while completing earlier sections of the tutorial, please change the Target Config Names configuration property of the TutorialFileService to TutorialFileService_Router.

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