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Demonstration: Message Viewer

The Message Viewer is a tool for viewing Ensemble messages. Now that we have sent HL7 data through Demo.HL7.MsgRouter.ProductionOpens in a new tab, you can use the Message Viewer to search and view the stored Ensemble messages and their HL7 data.

Here are the steps:

  1. Click Ensemble on the top of the Configuration page. This will take you back to the Management Portal.

    generated description: overview6 20142

  2. Next, click Ensemble > View > Messages > Go to get to the Message Viewer.

    generated description: overview7 20141

    • On the left, we can search for messages.

    • In the center, we find the current list of messages.

    • On the right, we find details about the selected message.

    generated description: overview7 1 20161

  3. By default, the Message Viewer lists only the Session Start messages. A session start message, or Primary Request, is the Ensemble message created and sent by a Business Service in response to a request from a client application. An Ensemble Session then includes all of the Ensemble messages created and used to fulfill the Primary Request.

  4. To display all types of messages, select All on the Type filter. Click Search. The Message Viewer displays all messages.


To learn more about the Message Viewer, read Using the Message Viewer in Monitoring Ensemble.

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