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Java Projections

From the perspective of a Java application, Java Projections are the most important elements of the Java Binding Mechanism. Java Projections are pure Java classes that serve as proxies for Caché classes within a Java application. They provide the communication link between Java client objects and the Caché Objects on the Caché data server. Typically, a Java application contains a Java projection for each Caché class in the database. Java client objects use the projections as they would any other Java classes, creating instances, calling methods, and so on. Projection classes, in turn, collaborate with a set of helper classes to pass the Java client's requests to their Caché counterparts.

The following diagram shows the communication sequence between a Java client object, an instance of a Java Projection, and the Caché Data Server:

generated description: projectionsequencediagram


To learn more about Java Projections, read the Java Proxy Class Mapping in Using Java with Caché.

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