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Additional Java Binding Components

In addition to Java Projections, the Java Binding Mechanism includes the following components:

Components of the Java Binding Mechanism
Element Description
Caché Java Class Generator An extension to the Caché Compiler. Generates Java Projections during compilation of corresponding Caché classes.
Caché Object Server A high performance server process that manages the communication between Java clients and the Caché database server.
Caché Java Class Package A package of pure Java classes, including “Helper Classes” used by projections to communicate with Caché database. Documentation for these classes is in <cachesys>\dev\java\doc. Double click index.html.

In a standard Windows installation <cachesys> is C:\InterSystems\Cache. In a standard UNIX® or Linux installation it is /usr/cachesys.

To learn more about the architecture of the Java Binding mechanism, read The Caché Java Binding in Using Java with Caché.

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