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Creating a New Class

Begin by creating the Contact class using the Studio New Class Wizard:

  1. Click File–>New on the Studio menu bar.

    generated description: studiofilenew 20112

  2. On the New dialog, click the General category and then the Caché Class Definition template. Click OK. This launches the New Class Wizard.

    generated description: newclass1 20142

  3. On the first page of the New Class Wizard , enter ContactDB for the Package Name and Contact for the Class Name. Click Next.

    generated description: newclass2 20111

  4. The Wizard's second page allows you to select the class type. Click Persistent and then click Next.

    generated description: newclass3 20111

  5. The Wizard's third page allows you to specify additional characteristics for the class. Click XML Enabled, Zen DataModel, and Data Population. Click Finish.

    generated description: newclass4 20112

  6. The Studio Editor displays the newly created class definition:

    generated description: newclass5 20112

  7. Notice that Contact extends several classes:


To learn more about Caché XML tools, read Using Caché XML Tools.

%ZEN.DataModel.AdaptorOpens in a new tab is part of the Zen MVC (Model-View-Controller) framework. To learn more about Zen MVC, read Model View Controller in Using Zen Components.

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