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Caché Tools and Technologies

Throughout this tutorial we will use a number of rapid application development tools and technologies provided in a standard Caché installation.

These tools and technologies include:

  • Studio: An integrated development environment that supports the object-oriented approach to designing and building applications. With Studio you can define classes using several languages including ObjectScript, Caché Basic, and MVBasic.

  • Terminal: A command-line interface to the Caché database. Using the terminal you can execute Caché commands and access a number of Caché utilities including the autopopulation utilities and an SQL shell. The terminal also provides access to Caché objects.

  • Zen: A framework for creating dynamic, data intensive, and richly interactive Web pages. You can create Zen pages using Studio.

  • The Management Portal: A browser-based interface for system management. Using the portal you can perform many tasks including defining, viewing, and accessing your data in a relational format. You can define your database tables and query your data using standard SQL.


Studio, the Terminal, and the Management Portal, can all be launched from the Caché launcher. Simply click the launcher and then click a tool on the menu.

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