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Welcome to the Caché QuickStart Tutorial!

This tutorial teaches you how to quickly and easily build dynamic web-enabled database applications using Caché.

You learn how to use the Caché multidimensional database engine to extend the power and simplicity of object-oriented programming to database design and access. In addition, you learn how to use InterSystem’s Zen framework to rapidly create dynamic and richly interactive Web pages that access your data.

After completing the tutorial, you will be able to:

  • Create Caché classes that represent application data.

  • Access Caché data using both object-oriented and relational techniques.

  • Create Zen pages that provide dynamic and richly interactive web access to your Caché data.

  • Leverage the Caché built-in classes, Zen components, and utilities in your applications.

  • Use the Caché auto-population utilities to populate your database with sample data.

  • Use a variety of the Caché development tools, including Studio, the Management Portal, and the Terminal.

Most of this tutorial focuses on building a fully functioning Web-based Contact Management application. The tutorial and its exercises guide you through building a very simple data model, populating it with test data, and then creating a Web page for adding and editing data. We begin with a very simple data model and Web page and then in successive steps enrich both.


The install-dir\dev\tutorials directory contains the completed Contact Management application. Click here for more information. Note that in a standard Windows installation of Caché, install-dir is C:\InterSystems\Cache.

The tutorial instructions assume that you have installed Caché using Minimal security.

Click here to start the tutorial.

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