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Using the Completed Form

Now you can use the form to both display and edit phone numbers.

  1. Launch the form from Studio. Notice that it now contains a text area for the phone numbers.

    generated description: zenform withphonenumbers 20112

  2. Click Search and then click on one of links in the ID column of the search table to load a contact. Notice that the form loads the contact's phone numbers into the text area.

    generated description: zenform withphonenumbers loaded 20112

  3. You can edit a contact's existing phone numbers and add new ones. After you make your edits click Save.

    generated description: zenform phonenumbersaved 20112

  4. Note that the phone numbers are line feed delimited. Also each number must be preceded by a type and a colon. Remember that the allowed types are Business, Home, Mobile, and Fax. If you attempt to save the form with a phone number that does not include one of the valid types, the form will not save and it will display an error.

    generated description: zenform saveerror 20112

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