Caché QuickStart Tutorial
What is Zen?
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Now that we have created our Contact class and populated it with test data, we will use Zen to build a Web form for displaying and editing the Contact instances.

Zen is a component based and object-oriented Web application framework. With Zen you can rapidly develop data intensive web applications with rich and highly interactive user interfaces. Here are some of Zen's main benefits:
Zen does not replace or deprecate Caché Server Pages (CSP)—InterSystems tag based Web application framework. In fact, Zen is built on top of CSP.
For a more thorough list of the benefits of building Web applications with Zen, read Benefits of Zen in the Introducing Zen chapter of Using Zen.
Caché now also includes Zen Mojo, a technology for building "state of the art" web applications for use in mobile as well as desktop environments. For more information on Zen Mojo, please read Using Zen Mojo.