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Zen Form Wizard

We can use the Zen Form Wizard to create the Zen page. Here are the steps:

  1. In Studio click File–>New (as if we are creating a new class). Click the Zen tab and then double-click New Zen Form

    generated description: newzenform 20152

  2. Enter the following information on the wizard's first screen:

    • Package Name: ContactDB

    • New Class Name: ContactForm

    generated description: newzenform screen1 20112

    Click Next.

  3. Enter the following information on the wizard's second screen:

    • Package and Class for Form Data: ContactDB.Contact

    • Form Title: Contacts

    • CSS Files: Leave Empty

    • Description: Whatever documentation you like

    generated description: newzenform screen2 20112

    Click Finish.

This creates and compiles a new class named ContactDB.ContactForm, which defines a Zen page. We can use this page to create and update contacts.

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