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Example Three: Delegated Authentication (cont.)

Now create a delegated user and verify that the user can log in to Terminal.

  1. Open SecurityTutorial.CreateDelegatedUsers.cls in a Web browser (see the Note below). You installed this Zen class when you imported the classes from Zen_Authenticate.xml. To view the page in a Web browser, first open the class file in Studio and then click View–>Web Page on the Studio menu bar.

    generated description: createdeluser 20111

  2. Enter a User Name, Password, and Full Name. Click Submit.

  3. Now open Terminal. At the Username: and Password: prompts enter the values that you entered on the Web page. Now you have access to Caché. Execute Write $UserName.

    Username: john
    Password: *****
    USER>Write $UserName
  4. Now view the user account information through the Management Portal. On the Management Portal home page click Security Management–>Users. Caché has stored the information for the delegated user.

    generated description: createdeluser2 20141


Before opening CreateDelegatedUser.cls in a Web browser, verify that the authentication mechanism for /csp/user is unauthenticated only.

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