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Example Two: Zen (cont.)

Finally, we configure the Zen application to use cascading authentication.

  1. Open the Web Applications page (click [Home] > [System Administration] > [Security] > [Web Applications]).

  2. Click Edit for the /csp/user application.

  3. For Allowed Authentication Methods click Unauthenticated and Password. Verify that no other authentication mechanism is selected. Click Save.

    generated description: cspapp casc 20142

Now open SecurityTutorial.HomePage in a Web browser:

  1. Open SecurityTutorial.HomePage in Studio.

  2. On the Studio Menu Bar, click View–>Web Page.

  3. This time the custom login page opens in your default Web browser.Del

    generated description: csplogin casc 20111

  4. Without entering any information for User or Pwd click Login. The Web browser displays the home page:

    generated description: csphome unauth 20111

    The authentication mechanism has cascaded from Caché Login to Unauthenticated. We have accessed SecurityTutorial.HomePage using Unauthenticated access through the UnknownUser account.

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