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Example Two: Zen (cont.)

Next, we configure the Zen application to use Caché Login authentication.

  1. Open the Web Applications page (click [Home] > [System Administration] > [Security] > [Web Applications]) of the portal.

  2. Click the /csp/user link to edit application.

  3. For Allowed Authentication Methods click Password. Verify that no other authentication mechanism is selected. Click Save.

    generated description: webapp pwd 20142

Now open SecurityTutorial.HomePage in a Web browser:

  1. Open SecurityTutorial.HomePage in Studio.

  2. Close any browsers that you have open, so we know they won't be able to cache any security information. On the Studio Menu Bar, click View–>Web Page.

  3. This time the custom login page opens in your default Web browser. For User enter _SYSTEM and for Pwd enter SYS.

    generated description: csplogin pwd 20111

  4. Click Login. The Web browser displays the home page:

    generated description: csphome pwd 20111

    We have accessed SecurityTutorial.HomePage through the _SYSTEM account.

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