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Example: Adding Application Roles

Continue by adding Application Roles to the MyPrivilegedRoutineApplication. Users with the correct permissions who execute PrivRoutineExample will be temporarily assigned to these Application Roles.

  1. Click the Application Roles tab. Then complete the following:

    1. Click PrivRoutineRole on the Available column.

    2. Click the arrow button. PrivRoutineRole is now listed on the Selected column.

    3. Click Assign.

    generated description: app pra5 20141

  2. The top half of the interface shows PrivRoutineRole as an application role.

    generated description: app pra6 20141


In the cases of CSP and client applications, users must hold the required resource for the application in order to access the application. In the case of privileged routine applications users must hold the required resource in order to have roles added by the privileged routines. Users who do not hold the required resource can still access the application, but the application does not add any roles to them.

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