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Auxiliary Methods and Properties

This example uses a few %UnitTest.TestProductionOpens in a new tab auxiliary methods and properties that the earlier example did not use. The following tables summarize them. Again, see the class documentation for %UnitTest.TestProductionOpens in a new tab for the complete details.

Auxiliary Methods
Method Description
ChangeSetting Changes the value of a configuration setting of a production component. Passing the value 1 as the fifth argument causes the method to update the production class with the new values.
CreateMainDirTree Creates the directory tree for the test. By default it is under TestAutoNNN where NNN is the Ensemble build number. If the directories already exist, the method does not clean them.
CleanUpDirectory Removes all of the files from a directory.
Property Description
MainDir Place your input and reference files in this directory. The default value is TestAutoNNN.
HL7InputDir This is the directory where the test places input files for the production. The default value is TestAutoNNN\HL7\In.
HL7OutputDir This is the directory for output from the production under test. The default value is TestAutoNNN\HL7\Out.

By default TestAutoNNN is located at the same level as the Ensemble instance and NNN is the build number of the Ensemble instance.

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