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HL7 Example Overview

The example Ensemble HL7 production, Tutorial.HL7ExampleProduction, contains the following components:

  • TutorialHL7FileService — A Business Service component that reads HL7 data from a text file.

  • TutorialHL7MessageRouter — A Business Process component for routing HL7 messages. This particular component is configured to route all 2.3.1:ORM_O01 messages received from TutorialHL7FileService to the sole Business Operation in the production: TutorialHL7FileOperation. Before sending the data to the operation, the TutorialHL7MessageRouter applies a data transformation to it.

  • TutorialHL7FileOperation — A Business Operation that writes HL7 data to a file.

  • Tutorial.RemoveNameSSNDTL — A data transformation that removes the name, address, and SSN from a 2.3.1:ORM_O01 message. TutorialHL7MessageRouter applies this transformation to any message that it sends to TutorialHL7FileOperation.

All of the code for the example is in HL7.xml. The file includes the following:

  • Tutorial.HL7ProductionTest.cls — The test class.

  • Tutorial.HL7ExampleProduction.cls — The simple HL7 message routing production described above.

  • Tutorial.RemoveNameSSNDTL.cls — The data transformation described above.

In addition, there are two text files used in the example:

  • ABC1.txt — A text file containing HL7 data. This is the input for the production.

  • ABC1Out_Reference.txt — A text file containing HL7 data. This is the reference file to compare the production's output against.

See the note below for the location of all of these files.


The code for this example is in the file HL7.xml. This file and the text files for the example are in <ensemblesys>\Dev\tutorials\testingproductions.

For instructions on importing the example code into your Ensemble system, read Importing Code Using Terminal. You should import the file into the ENSDEMO namespace.

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