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Creating an MVBasic Routine in Studio

To create an MVBasic routine using Studio, complete the following steps:

  1. In Studio, click File–>New.

    generated description: studionewmvroutine 20142

  2. On the New dialog, click the General category and then click the Caché MultiValue Routine icon.

    generated description: studionewdialog 20142

  3. Enter an MVBasic routine into the Studio editor pane:

    generated description: editmvroutine 20142

  4. Save the new routine: click File–>Save As and then enter a name for the routine, for example DISPLAY.ONE.MVB. Refresh the Studio Inspector list of routines: right-click the Routines node and then click Refresh. The work space window lists the new routine:

    generated description: studiosavedroutine 20142

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