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Studio is an integrated development environment (IDE) that you can use to create, edit, and debug your MVBasic routines.

Here are the steps for opening Studio and connecting to a namespace:

  1. Open Studio by clicking the Caché Cube generated description: cube in the System Tray and then clicking Studio on the menu.

  2. Connect Studio to the namespace for your routine: in Studio, click File–>Change Namespace:

    generated description: studiochangenamespace 20142

  3. On the Caché Connection Manager dialog click the namespace name, for example MYACCOUNT, and then click OK:

    generated description: studioconmanager 20142

  4. The Studio inspector, to the right of the editor, displays the list of the namespace's MVBasic routines in its Routines folder:

    generated description: studiomvroutines 20142

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