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What is CSP?
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Caché Server Pages (CSP) is a platform for developing and deploying dynamic Web applications. A Web application consists of a set of CSP pages. A typical CSP page contains a mixture of HTML (and maybe some JavaScript) and code. The code can be either MVBasic, ObjectScript, or Caché Basic.
In response to a request from a Web browser, Caché executes the CSP page. Caché executes any code included in the page and combines the result with the page's static HTML. The end result is a Web page that Caché returns to the Web browser for display. The code included on the CSP page can retrieve data from Caché, store data to Caché, perform calculations, and so on.
For a more in depth discussion of CSP, read The Caché Server Pages QuickStart Tutorial, the Caché Web Applications Tutorial, and Using Caché Server Pages.

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