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The Request Object

This data is made available to the server application via a %request object. More generally, any name value pairs in the URL and any form data (if the page contains a form) are included in the %request object, along with other useful information.

Here are some frequently used properties of the request object:

Data A multidimensional property containing the URL parameters (name-value pairs) for the request.
PageName The name of the CSP page, e.g. ShowTimes.csp
URL The URL up to and including the page name and extension, but not including the query string.
NewSession Indicates whether this is the first request of a new session, which is useful if you have special processing to perform for a new session.
UserAgent Identifies the type of browser that sent the request, which can be used to tailor output for specific browsers

For additional information, check out the definition of the %CSP.RequestOpens in a new tab class.

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