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Retrieving Data from the Request Object

To understand how we use data from the request object, let's return to the <csp:query> tag we looked at earlier. There are two key elements.

First, whenever a page is being constructed, the variable %request refers to the current %CSP.RequestOpens in a new tab object.

Second, the Data property is used to retrieve a value by name. For instance


would return the value of the FilmID name-value pair. The second parameter, 1, indicates that we want the first value for FilmID. (In some cases, such as multi-selection lists, multiple values can be returned.)

If you forget the second parameter you will not find any data. Also, it is a good idea to use the ObjectScript $Get function which guarantees a value will be returned even if a variable is not defined.


We use this within the CSP:QUERY tag as follows:

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