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Using the Web Form Wizard

Next, we use the Form Wizard to insert a form into the CSP page. Here is how.

  1. Position the cursor between the <body></body> tags of the new CSP page.

  2. On the Studio menu bar, click Tools —>Templates —>Templates.... This launches the Studio Templates dialog box.

    generated description: studiotemplates 20111

  3. Click on Web Form Wizard and then click OK

    generated description: webformwiz1 20152

  4. Click on Film and then click Next. The wizard displays the Cinema.FilmOpens in a new tab properties that can be displayed on the web form.

    generated description: webformwiz2 20152

  5. In the left-hand Available Properties column, click Description, PlayingNow, and Title. Each of these properties appears in the right-hand Selected Properties column.

    generated description: webformwiz3 20152

  6. Click Finish.

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