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datatype class %Library.Boolean extends %Library.Integer


The %Boolean data type class represents a boolean value.

The logical value of the %Boolean data type is an integer with value of 0 (false) and 1 (true).

Method Inventory


parameter XSDTYPE = boolean;
Declares the XSD type used when projecting XML Schemas.


classmethod DisplayToLogical(%val As %String) as %Boolean
Converts the input value %val, which is a string representing a boolean value, into a boolean value.

Returns the boolean value of the input string %val.

classmethod IsValid(%val As %CacheString = "") as %Status
Tests if the boolean value %val is valid.
classmethod LogicalToDisplay(%val As %Boolean) as %String
Converts the value of %val, which is in boolean format, into a display string.

Returns the formatted value of %val.

classmethod LogicalToXSD(%val As %Boolean) as %String
Converts the Cache %Boolean value to the canonical SOAP encoded value.
classmethod Normalize(%val As %CacheString) as %Integer
Converts %val to a normalized value.
classmethod XSDToLogical(%val As %String) as %Boolean
Converts the SOAP encoded input value, which is true, false 1 or 0, into a Cache %Boolean value.