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persistent class %Library.ObjectJournal extends %Library.Persistent

SQL Table Name: %Library.ObjectJournal

Property Inventory

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property JournalPtr as %Integer [ Required ];
Property methods: JournalPtrDisplayToLogical(), JournalPtrGet(), JournalPtrGetStored(), JournalPtrIsValid(), JournalPtrLogicalToDisplay(), JournalPtrNormalize(), JournalPtrSet()
property JournalType as %Integer;
Property methods: JournalTypeDisplayToLogical(), JournalTypeGet(), JournalTypeGetStored(), JournalTypeIsValid(), JournalTypeLogicalToDisplay(), JournalTypeNormalize(), JournalTypeSet()
property ObjectIdentity as %String;
Property methods: ObjectIdentityDisplayToLogical(), ObjectIdentityGet(), ObjectIdentityGetStored(), ObjectIdentityIsValid(), ObjectIdentityLogicalToDisplay(), ObjectIdentityLogicalToOdbc(), ObjectIdentityNormalize(), ObjectIdentitySet()
property ObjectType as %String;
Property methods: ObjectTypeDisplayToLogical(), ObjectTypeGet(), ObjectTypeGetStored(), ObjectTypeIsValid(), ObjectTypeLogicalToDisplay(), ObjectTypeLogicalToOdbc(), ObjectTypeNormalize(), ObjectTypeSet()
property TranId as %Integer [ Required ];
Property methods: TranIdDisplayToLogical(), TranIdGet(), TranIdGetStored(), TranIdIsValid(), TranIdLogicalToDisplay(), TranIdNormalize(), TranIdSet()


classmethod AddJrnRecToSyncSet(objSyncSet As %SYNC.SyncSet, iTranPtr As %Integer = 0, iObjPtr As %Integer = 0, srcSystem As %String, srcNS As %String, changed As %List = "", originSystem As %String = "", originNS As %String = "") as %Integer
classmethod PropertyValuesClose(ByRef qHandle As %Binary) as %Status
classmethod PropertyValuesExecute(ByRef qHandle As %Binary, iTranPtr As %Integer = 0, iJrnPtr As %Integer = 0) as %Status
classmethod PropertyValuesFetch(ByRef qHandle As %Binary, ByRef Row As %List, ByRef AtEnd As %Integer = 0) as %Status


query PropertyValues(iTranPtr As %Integer, iJrnPtr As %Integer)
Selects Property As %String, Collection As %String, ValueType As %String, Value As %String


index (IDKey on TranId,JournalPtr) [IdKey, Type = key, Unique];
Index methods: IDKeyCheck(), IDKeyDelete(), IDKeyExists(), IDKeyOpen(), IDKeySQLCheckUnique(), IDKeySQLExists(), IDKeySQLFindPKeyByConstraint(), IDKeySQLFindRowIDByConstraint()

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Storage Model: CacheStorage (%Library.ObjectJournal)